Useful links

Useful links

This page is a slightly random collection of useful and interesting links I've seen over the past year or so. It may be a link mentioned on the ABC's The Checkout, or a lawyer's page I've encountered when looking for another explanation or clarification of what something in Queensland's Criminal Code Act 1899

Financial Rights Legal Centre

Advice and advocacy for consumers in financial stress.

A Queensland court has accepted a dead man's unsent, draft text message leaving his possessions to his brother and nephew instead of his wife and son, as an official will.

Remotely piloted aircraft (RPAs) have the potential to pose a serious threat to Australians’ privacy. They can intrude on a person’s or a business’s private activities either intentionally, as in the case of deliberate surveillance, or inadvertently.

Individualised justice, 'instinctive synthesis' approach to formulating a proportionate sentence,

This is a great resource Mr Lawyer Man found linked from a story on ABC News 28 November 2018 by Dr Elyse Methven, a lecturer in the UTS Law faculty. The story was about Bali drug mule Renae Lawrence, and mentioned the 'instinctive synthesis' approach to formulating a proportionate sentence, and linked to the Commonwealth Sentencing Database resources for judges. Fascinating!

Urban Landscape and Power Pole Paintings in Sydney

Suzy King is a great urban & coastal landscape painter based in Sydney. Decaying architecture, rust, the sea, machines and powerpoles.