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About Paul's Essays and Blog

Assessment pieces from Paul Jackson

The idea for Mr Lawyer Man began before I commenced studying law in 2016. The initial idea was to compile my assessments over the years, and publish them as a catalogue for myself, and possibly for the interest of others.


The thing with law study is that so much of it is solitary. A lot of study time is spent reading cases. Hundreds of cases.

There is a great emphasis on every assessment being individually completed and every assessment being one's own work, which is absolutely correct. Any student lawyer, or any University student for that matter, found guilty of plagiarism faces issues of academic misconduct and serious impediments to being admitted to practicing law at the end of studies.


This means it would be inadvisable for any student to use any essay I've published here. Just as with my institution, there are multiple checks for that issue!


However, I find it somewhat disappointing that so much work goes into assessments that are seen only by lecturers or tutors, and then consigned to a folder or pile never to be seen again. After 15 years of online publishing before commencing law study I cannot bear to see so much content go to waste! So the essays I publish here, all my own work, are viewable so that anyone interested can see the journey and process of legal problem solving for law students. It may help your journey to solving a problem.

For transparency all essays include one of these two grades achieved.
HD = High Distinction. D = Distinction.

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