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Mr Lawyer Man is not a practising lawyer, and cannot offer legal advice for any enquiry.

Mr Lawyer Man is Paul Jackson, a 2020 Bachelor of Laws graduate of JCU in Cairns, Australia. Mr Lawyer Man was a nickname given to Paul by his wife and daughter when Paul was studying law. This website is a 'student essays' website from Paul's law degree. 


Following graduation Paul continues to operate his Google SEO business, and business, from Adelaide and Port Douglas. Paul is also the Head Venter at The Adelaide Ventricle.

The Adelaide Ventricle June 2024 Update


Mona Ghost Train Ride: Well, Mona in Tasmania does create employment for locals and that is a plus. The ferry ride to MONA is very nice and that is a plus. The burgers are a plus and quick service but at $24 each for a Vege burger out of what appears to be a warmer drawer then the plus marks start to fade. Then enter: The Gallery for us mere mortal and less wealthy souls to enjoy? the indulgence of one mans vision. I think the best review I saw (after mine to follow) is something along the lines of: David, stop curating your own collection!
Review start: Ride the Mona Ghost train ..., 
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The original purpose of the Mr Lawyer Man website was to be an assembly of vocabulary, ideas, examples, observations, essays and thinking around legal ideas which may help readers with problem solving. This website is an idea towards making legal ideas accessible. There are more and more excellent resources and case notes published by practicing lawyers, and they are all part of providing access to justice, and access to the law. The Mr Lawyer Man website in 2022 exists as a space to publish and share these past assignments. It is a space that promotes new ideas and thinking about accessing information about the law.

Mr Lawyer Man is a registered trademark in Australia and is a proud sponsor of the brilliant ideas on The Adelaide Ventricle

Image by Giammarco Boscaro

Making a Will in Queensland, like many common law jurisdictions, requires the Will to fulfil the writing and execution requirements of section 10 of the Succession Act 1981 (Qld).

R v Kina was a tragic miscarriage of justice, largely caused by the legal system, and her legal representatives in Cairns. Robyn Bella Kina's conviction was ultimately quashed, but not before she had spent years in jail....

Obtaining digital evidence is one thing, it is another thing to get that evidence. Technical and jurisdictional impediments, together with the self interest of corporations that operate across sovereign borders, presents Australian courts...


Options Solve Problems

Another purpose of this site is to help the reader create options by thinking about legal concepts which open up all sides of a problem. Your side, the other side. One way of doing this is by applying an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) principle of putting the dispute to one side, and joining with the other side to tackle the problem with a common goal in mind, and solve the problem together. See blogs page for an essay about this.

Students of law are progressively introduced to the fundamental nuts and bolts of law which hold the legal machine together, and provide options to solve problems. Key ideas which crop up often are reasonableness, legitimacy, precedent, interpretation, perspective, context, options, remedies, factual matrix, foreseeability, proportionality, significant or material harm, and the difference between a subjective and objective view.

An ability to create options is a good way to help anyone solve a problem. Solving a problem without getting too deep into the legal system appears from many angles the best win. Less financial cost, less emotional cost.

The more options anyone has to solve a problem, the more likely the problem is likely to be solved.

Hopefully the Mr Lawyer Man website may provide ideas to consider when you're trying to solve your problem, and find a solution. If nothing else, the Mr Lawyer Man website is a platform to share assignments, which after being marked tend to sit alone in the dark. Good ideas should be shared. Hopefully there are some good ideas here.

Mr Lawyer Man / Paul Jackson. Last update: March 2022.

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